Allen Crocker Curtis, born in 1789 to Solomon Curtis, owner of one of this country's first paper mills, buys 11.5 acres near the Quinobequin River on what was then Washington Street and has local builder William Lyon construct his Greek revival-style home.

Fourdinier Machine Allen Crocker Curtis retires from the Curtis family paper business that spanned over 68 years in Newton Lower Falls.

Old land L. Royal Putnam teaches piano in the Curtis Room and dancing in the large ballroom on the third floor.

Construction Doors of Pillar House are opened to the public August 19.

First Menu
Freeman Roberts fills maintenance man vacancy and is still on the job today.

Menu Circa1963 George Larsen retires and his son Thomas Larsen takes over running Pillar House.

Business Lunch

Tom Larsen makes his first quality of life decision to close the restaurant on Saturdays and Sundays to help him attract and retain a top-notch staff, drawn by the lure of weekends off. Critics thought we were insane.

Menu circa 1973   Pillar House becomes the first Massachusetts 100% smoke-free restaurant. The change was so revolutionary, it was broadcast over the AP Wire! We lost a few patrons, but in their place are healthier, more sophisticated groups who appreciate the wholesome ambiance. The same year, Pillar House was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Pillar House Cookbook

The first edition (Autumn) of the "Pillar House News" is made available by request to customers.

Tom Larsen's innovative management techniques earn The Massachusetts Restaurant Association's Restaurateur of the Year Award.

Wine Dinners The Chef's Table is inaugurated on September 22.

Menu circa 1993 George Larsen dies at the age of 91.

Restaurant Hospitality Magazine honors Pillar House as having the Best International Wine List in the country.

Pillar House drops the dress code that requires jackets and ties for men.

Guest Devestated Zagat restaurant guide lists Pillar House "with a tradition of excellent dining, plus gorgeous décor and attentive service."

The new upstairs Bar & Cafe opens to rave reviews. "A perfect place to relax after work."

1997 Boston Marathon
Pillar House launches new Web site to attract professionals who frequent the 128 hi-tech corridor looking for a place to relax after work with friends and business associates and to make it easier for guests and corporate accounts to book reservations.


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Curtis House circa 1820
Allen Crocker and his brother William build a large stone mill on the Quinobequin River that still stands today on what is now known as the Charles River. Later, the brothers smuggle in from England two Fourdrinier machines which enable them to be the first in the U.S. to make paper on a continuous roll.
Allen Crocker Curtis
The Metropolitan Park Commission takes a plot of land in front of the Curtis house.
George Larsen purchases the Curtis house for his new restaurant and names it after the four majestic ionic columns that grace the north front, reminiscent of Greek temples. Reconstruction added the main dining room and kitchen, leaving the original house much as it was.
Opening Day   Freeman Roberts   George and Tom

Raymond Washburn of Weston begins dining at Pillar House during lunch every Wednesday.
Wonderful Service
  Prime Rib Dinner No Smoking Article
The Pillar House Cookbook by David Paul Larousse and Alan R. Gibson is published for our guests in gratitude for their ongoing loyalty and enthusiasm.
Pillar House News
Wine dinners quickly become a popular event at Pillar House. The cost this year is $55.
Chef's Table   Award Winning Wine
Pillar House closes for lunch rather than compromise the quality of the food or service. Regular luncheon guest Raymond Washburn is devastated. "It was a good habit, and I just don't know where I'll go now nothing will be the same."

New policy begins of calling guests after their dining experience to thank them and ask for their comments.
Zagat Survey

Boston Marathon spectators pay $5 to park and watch the race at official Mile 16.2 from the Pillar House parking lot raising over $1,000 for The Wellness Community.
Web Site

Thirteen years after announcing the "no smoking" policy, use of cell phones in the dining rooms is banned. Steve Sbraccia of the Channel 5 news team reports it as another Massachusetts first for Pillar House. Guest response is overwhelmingly positive.