We like to ask our guests, who are often our best teachers, how we are doing.

In fact, every guest receives a small questionnaire at the end of the meal. We have always been pleased with the number of responses mailed back to us, and we hope our guests find an online review even more convenient.

Here are few of the many we receive.


After driving by on 128 yesterday with my family, I saw the banner proclaiming your website and had to surf on this morning. Although we have never had the good fortune to visit your establishment, we will thanks in large part to this wonderful, "virtual tour." I was salivating! --Rene M. Lafayette, Rhode Island

My very attractive, readable and effective issue of The Pillar House News arrived in yesterday's mail and prompted me to explore your web site and save it as one of my favorite places. We look forward to dining with you as soon as possible. So what is my complaint? We used to live in the Boston area before moving to Cape Cod full-time in 1984. The complaint is that the Pillar House is now a 1-1/2 hour drive from our home. That's the complaint, but we will persevere and hope to get there soon. In the meantime, maintain your sensible traditions including the banning of cell phones in the dining room. --Rik Clark, Osterville MA


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I have been dining at Pillar House for 33 years, and have some very special memories made there. It remains my personal favorite restaurant, and I've dined in some of the best. There is something very special in the ambiance and the cuisine that I've never found anywhere else. My husband and I commute back and forth now from Boca to Boston and we stop at the Pillar with friends at every opportunity. My compliments to the Chef and to your gracious staff. Here's to more memories at the Pillar House! --Mary E. Good, Boca Raton FL

As always, the dining experience exceeded our expectations. I like the "new twists" the Chef is adding to the menu. Welcome to the new century! --Breena I., Newton MA

Your vegetarian choices were excellent. --Mrs. Vincenzo T., Milton MA

Dined in the Curtis Room and the Lobster Risotto was one of the best meals I've had in a long time. Our waiter recommended an excellent wine (he was also excellent). We really appreciate your no cellular phone policy and your consideration for our request for a "quiet corner." This was our 3rd or 4th visit to PH and certainly won't be our last. --Dennis G. & Carmella Y.



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