Menu Makeover

One of the most frequently asked questions by our guests dining at the ever-popular Chef's Table is how do we decide what to put on the menus. With today's technology, ingredients from all around the world can be had with just a phone call. This is why we narrow our focus and use a few guidelines. First, we consider the history of the restaurant. Forty-seven years of dining excellence gives us a clientele with high expectations that demand consistency, but it also provides a great resource of experience and past successes.

Secondly, the wealth of New England seafood and small farms gives us a staple of wonderful ingredients which we attempt to serve in pleasant, unmasked flavors. We like to use a variety of local ingredients so that we never compromise on freshness. When the paperwork is done and items of interest have been ordered, the fun starts and we cook and taste our new items. Finally, our talented kitchen staff has an endless amount of creativity and knowledge, which we put to use to create new dishes or to touch up old standards. The Pillar House Chef's Table is now more popular than ever. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of our wonderful guests for sharing their dining experience with us in the heart of the restaurant. I look forward to seeing familiar faces and being introduced to new ones. Now that the short days of winter are behind us, we can look forward to the bounty of the coming spring.

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By Bert Gill

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