Favorite Pillar House Memories

In the last few months, an amazing number of people have told me why The Pillar House is their favorite restaurant. The Pillar House story is one that is told through the memories and experiences of our guests. Here are just a few.

A couple told me that at least once a month for over 40 years they have dined at The Pillar House. Their first time was in 1954, when we hosted their wedding rehearsal party. Forty-four years later, their son has chosen Pillar House for his wedding rehearsal party.

A guest told me she treats herself to a "fabulous" Pillar House dinner each time she loses ten pounds. Now that's incentive!

Two sisters had a birthday dinner to celebrate their deceased mother's 125th birthday. This is one of the many ways that the daughters keep their mother's memory alive. The Pillar House was their mother's first choice whenever she treated her daughters to a special meal.

For the last fifteen years, twice a year, a group of six women slip away from their families to catch up and share stories. This traditional girls night out at The Pillar House started when they were in college and is still going strong!

A young couple celebrating their first wedding anniversary insisted on a reservation for Table 36 in the Curtis Room. When asked why they had requested their table by number, they told me that Table 36 was where they had become engaged--and they intend to celebrate each new anniversary at the same table. A new tradition begins!

Not all Pillar House memories are tied to special occasions. For example, there is the working couple who meet in the Terrace every Friday night for some quality time to reconnect and unwind from the work week.Or the two business men who meet every Thursday night for dinner in the CafŽ, reviewing results and planning for the upcoming week.

Relatives surprised by family members with birthday and anniversary parties, and company employees treated to dinner in the function rooms, come back as regular diners because they enjoyed the food, the atmosphere, and the people. The high tech crowd who drop in for a drink at the upstairs Bar and stay for dinner. These are our guests who will be the source of new stories and memories for years to come.

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By Nancy Monaghan

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