Captain Marden's Seafoods and The Pillar House
Partners since 1952

Pillar House Chef, Bert Gill, explains the partnership. "Captain Marden's Seafoods consistently presents the quality and service that The Pillar House demands. When developing new menus, I consult with Kim Marden to discuss trends, the freshest fish, and the best shellfish for the season."

Kim Marden has seen the business grow. The original Newton store opened in 1945 and has since grown to three times its original size. In 1959, the Mardens opened a new store on Forest Street in Wellesley. In 1973, the Marden family took a hint from The Pillar House and restored an old landmark--the railroad station building on Linden Street. It's at this location where the wholesale and retail seafood business, as well as a restaurant, is housed today.

According to Keith Marden Sr., "It takes a long, long time for a fish merchant to develop good suppliers. We use only those fishermen who give us the top of their catch." So it is only the top of the catch that finds its way onto the menus of restaurants like Pillar House. "We have a 47-year tradition of excellence in dining," says Chef Gill, "and this means doing business with the best purveyors. Marden's service is unbeatable. Anytime I call with a question or a need, Kim is there for me. Our relationship is invaluable."

Of over 300 accounts throughout New England, Captain Marden's Seafoods' oldest is with the Pillar House. From the very first order of 50 pounds of haddock in 1952, The Pillar House and Captain Marden's Seafoods have had a great deal in common. It's a relationship where the real payoff is in the many satisfied and repeat guests at Pillar House.

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