Friends of the Pillar House

Perhaps the biggest secret is just how varied the Pillar House demographic can be when it's time to eat. "People tend to think we get one type of crowd," says Tom Larsen, "but there are many nights where we'll have diners born in seven different decades and all of them come for the same dining experience." We have over 6,500 guests' names on our mailing list and we consider all of them the "heart" of the Pillar House. For this "heart" to beat requires that we determine the personality and qualities of every aspect of the diners' experience, including what role guests themselves want to play.

To help with this determination, we use the information that we obtain from the comment cards left with the guest checks and also with informal conversations with guests. The following highlights some of our guests that graciously agreed to share their experiences with our readers.

Herb and Karen Cares are friends of the Pillar House. Herb in his spare time is a Staff Photographer for the Quarterly Review of Wines, and favors the wine list at the Pillar House. "Patrick Dubsky, the sommelier, does a great job on the wine list, and the prices are quite fair," Herb remarked. "Of course, wine is meant to be drunk with food, and the food is great." Karen enjoys the ambience at the Pillar House. "It's a warm, homey feeling; very relaxing. In fact, it has the non-commercial feeling of a private club." We are pleased that they decided to be members of the Pillar House Club.

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You Spoke...We Listened

Thanks to all of you who made this Mother's Day so successful. This was the second time in twenty-eight years that the Pillar House was opened for Mother's Day. We opened because so many of you requested that this was the one Sunday that your families wanted to celebrate at the Pillar House.

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New Featured Wines By The Glass

Most people who enjoy wine are familiar with the popular varietals. Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc rule the white wines, while Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot dominate the red wine territory. There is, however, an entire world of other interesting and appealing alternatives to discover.

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