Meet Pastry Chef Joanne Staula

Joanne Staula has been the Pastry Chef at the Pillar House since September of 1998. Her fascination with the culinary and baking world began when she was a little girl. As a child, Joanne would read cookbooks and experiment with recipes at home, but knew that she would need formal training in order to achieve her dream. Joanne entered the Pastry Program at Johnson and Wales and expanded her knowledge by attending Boston University's Culinary Certificate Program. This feat is all the more impressive because it occurred after she had worked for 28 years at a major defense contracting firm.

At this point in her culinary career, Joanne isn't sure whether she enjoys cooking or baking more. One thing she is sure of is "that her dreams have become a reality, working at the Pillar House.

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By Bert Gill

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