New Year's Eve Plans

In approximately one hundred and ninety five days, you are going to have decided how you will greet the new millennium. There are so many choices being offered to make this New Year's Eve an affair to remember. You could join hundreds of people who have reserved a spot in the island nation of Kiribati in the South Pacific and be among the first to see the sun rise on January 1, or head to Cook Islands and be among the last. Or, you can decide to have some fun and celebrate at the Pillar House.

With all the hype of making this New Year's Eve a night to remember, the Pillar House has put together a sumptuous feast beginning with champagne and caviar. There will be a four course dinner, including a glass of the bubbly and a special memento of this once in a lifetime night. There will be two seatings, the early one at 6:00 PM and the second will be at 9:30 PM. The cost for this celebration will be $105 per person and includes dinner, a glass of champagne, tax and gratuity. Patrick is scouring the world for even more impressive wines that will be paired with the dinner. Tom is searching for the right gift and our kitchen staff is already perfecting new food combinations. It promises to be a fun night to remember.

I suggest that you call your reservations in early, so you can be among those sharing in the fun for the Millennium New Year's Eve Celebration at the Pillar House on December 31, 1999.

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By Nancy Monaghan

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