Cell Phones Banned at The Pillar House

Like most of our policies, this one was motivated out of respect for our guests. One night, we had three people at the same table on separate phones at the same time. This was particularly annoying to those around them because so often person using the phone does so in a voice that can heard several tables away. On another occasion, in order not to disturb guests at his own table, a gentleman turned around in his chair and spoke facing the table next to him. According the the General Manager, he said he was unaware that he was invading the space and privacy of other diners. Many guests come to the Pillar House to conduct business, but most come to enjoy the excellent food and atmosphere. It is usually a scheduled time to enjoy the companionship of friends and family. The Pillar House takes the responsibility seriously of maintaining this spirit for all of our guests and our staff.

After being featured on Channel 5's evening news and Chronicle, we were deluged with e-mail, telephone calls and letters from our guests. To quote one especially eloquent guest, "It is refreshing to see someone take such a step, showing the same courage you displayed when you prohibited smoking in 1986. Too often, we all get caught up in the technology of the moment and we lose sight of the lovely pleasures of past and future dining experiences. Initiating policies that may not be well received by some takes conviction. Your commitment to providing the best possible conditions for the dining pleasure of your clientele is very much appreciated."

We recognize that this policy may not be well received by all patrons. However, it was initiated with the hope that it will allow us to continue to offer a pleasant dining experience for all our guests.

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